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Pure White Icings

Original Almond Vanilla

The Original! 1994 New Nebraska Foods Blue Ribbon Winner! Most stable consistency for decorating purposes. Texture remains soft and creamy, and does not crust over. Recommended for wedding and party cakes on display for several hours.

(Nutritional Info)


Original Recipe Vanilla

Original Recipe, but without the added almond flavoring.

(Nutritional Info)


Special Recipe Vanilla

A slightly sweeter variation of the Original Recipe Vanilla, created specifically for decorating ice cream cakes. Decorations remain slightly soft, perfect for eating while frozen.

(Nutritional Info)

Chocolate Buckets.png

Chocolate Icing

Based on Original Recipe, with necessary adjustment in sugar, and the addition of genuine Hershey's* cocoa. Wonderful taste, great stability, and decorator quality!

(Nutritional Info)

Hershey trademark and trade dress are used under license

*Hershey's trademark and trade dress used under license.

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Colored Icings

Dixie's offers the convenience of color! Save time, energy, and mess, all while increasing creativity, consistency, and eye appeal.

Available in Primary, Pastel, and "Special" color ranges, these are ready to use colored icings in 24 vibrant and exciting hues! Perfect for holidays and festivals, or coordinating with local school and community colors.

Only a few colored icings are kept in stock. Most are manufactured to fill your specific order. Therefore, shipping MAY be delayed, depending on color choice.

Primary (adds $2.00/Gal)


Pastels (Adds $1.50/Gal)


Special (Adds $3.00/Gal)

NOTE: Low-Fade Rose is manufactured using a "fade resistant" Pink, and Bright Pink coloring. Under certain lighting, some pink colors are known to fade, but this special coloring will maintain a softer, pretty Rose Pink color, keeping your products appealing to your customers.


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