Alternative Packaging Options

We are all affected by the continually rising costs of goods, materials, and shipping. Therefore, Dixie’s offers optional packaging and shipping choices to help minimize this burden, as well as reduce your “Carbon Footprint.”


For alternative shipping options, please contact us directly to place an order.

Go Green: Bag-in-a-Box Packaging


Icing is packed into food-safe plastic bags (rather than our standard pails), then into heavy duty, double-wall, corrugated box containers. Normally, a single, 1 gallon pail of icing is shipped inside an 8”x8”x8” box container. With this option, that same box holds 2 gallons of icing!


  • Large, polyurethane pails are often not accepted at recycling centers
  • Pails are made from petroleum products
  • Pails add shipping weight and volume, increasing shipping cost and fuel

No icing will be lost or wasted using this option. After most of the icing has been used, the bag can be placed in the freezer (10 - 15 minutes), and the remaining (frozen) icing can be easily shaken out of the bag into another container. In just a few minutes, the icing will warm up and return to its original smooth and creamy consistency.

Flat Rate Box (USPS)


Ships anywhere in the United States in 2-3 days, and includes free Saturday delivery. A perfect option for late orders, or prohibitive UPS transit times (e.g. rural locations, Hawaii, U.S. Territories), or military APO shipments.

Utilizes “Bag-in-a-Box" packaging, to conform to standardized USPS supplied boxes.

Available Sizes

  • Medium Flat Rate Box: 2 gallons of icing for $15.15* ($13.65 USPS + $1.50 handling fee)
  • Large Flat Rate Box: 3 ½ gallons of icing for $20.40* ($18.90 USPS + $1.50 handling fee)

*Prices subject to change due to USPS rate increases